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Trouble with a substance use issue is not something anyone plans on... And yet,

millions of people are struggling with substance abuse and addictions.  It affects every area of their life.  Their physical well being, family, work, school, friendships...sometimes there are legal problems.

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Individual Counseling

Committed to insure that you have the best opportunity to succeed in permanent sobriety.  I encourage you to find your strength to face your struggles and learn how to live out of your imagination and not your addiction.

Assessments & Evaluations

Assessments and evaluations are offered to help in addressing substance use related issues.  Treatment plans will be provided with evidence based solutions to begin a recovery program for substance use and related issues.

DOT/SAP Services

The Department of Transportation (DOT), has regulations that affect drug and alcohol testing of applicants/employees under CFR49 Part 40, for the FAA; FMCSA; FRA; FTA; USCG; and PHMSA Administrations.   We offer DOT/SAP Assessments, evaluations, and return to duty recommendations.                Qualified Substance Abuse Professional.  

Aftercare and Relapse Prevention

Recovery from a substance use problem doesn't stop when a treatment period ends.  At its core, aftercare should be considered a type of continued treatment.  Committed to insure that you have the best opportunity to succeed in ongoing recovery. Aftercare and relapse prevention are integral parts of a continuum of care